Earthquakes in Lombok, Gili islands

End July and August 2018 many earthquakes on Lombok:

2 big:

  • 5th August, 6.9
  • 19th August, 6.9
  • many many smaller

Some pictures about these eathquakes

The dive center

No doors
Dive center after the eartquake

No more doors, some cracks and the floor is not flat.

Inside the dive center a big mess:

Back of the dive center, the wall of the Pearl of Trawangan hotel felt and the wall of Blue Beach bar (Hotel Vila Ombak) too.

There were more damaged after the 19th August.


Hotel Vila Ombak

Many damages, some rooms need big service:


And there

Evacuation on 6th August

Gili Trawangan after the 5th August

The Gili Trawangan jetty is down:

No jetty on Gili Trawangan
The jetty was destroyed by the earthquake


Staff houses in Lombok

Ombak divers staff lost their houses

New home on 20th August:

earthquake Lombok
New home of Dedenk (Vila Ombak Divers staff)



You can help our staff to rebuild new homes:

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Why to choose Lombok vs Gili islands?