Scuba dive sites of Gili islands in Indonesia

Discover the dive sites of Gili Islands with Vila Ombak Divers. There are more than 20 dive sites for you to explore, from shallow to deep dives, slopes, steep wall, drifts, night or wreck dives.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced diver, our professional team from Vila Ombak Divers is enthusiastic to show you the beauty of the underwater world around Gili islands.

The marine life around the Gili islands is rich and abundant. You will see two species of sea turtles, the Green turtles and Hawksbill turtles. Similarly, you may meet some reef sharks. They are white tip and black tip reef sharks. Other marine creatures like cuttlefish, octopus, lion fish, scorpion fish and more.
Sometimes, surprises like school of humpback parrot fishes or Jacks who lives around Gili islands will engulf you, swimming around you like an endless trail. In addition to the list, there are stingrays, sea snakes, moray eels, occasionally whale sharks, manta rays or mobulas. Not to mention the amazing world of colourful hard and soft corals.

Dive sites of Gili islands map

Dive sites map of Gili islands Indonesia

Description of the dive sites of Gili islands

Biorocks: all levels

Fishes on Biorocks
Fishes on Biorocks

Our house reef located at the beach front. “Biorocks”is artificial reefs built in 2010 and 2013 by the Gili Eco Trust. Vila Ombak Divers and Vila Ombak Hotel participated in the building of the Biorocks, the newer part in February to October, by the Coral Guardian from a French association. The artificial reefs compliment the natural reef sloping down to twenty meters.
This site is within walking distance (less than 50 m from the center), a short swim from the beach.
Aquatic life is very rich in many species have inhabitant the artificial and natural reefs: moray eels, turtles, lion fish, razor fish, octopus, nudibranchs, surgeon fish, bat fish, puffer fish, and occasionally reef shark, sting ray, demon stinger and frog fish.
Night dives are fantastic with pleurobranch, crabs, cuttlefish or octopus and moray eel, huge hunting lion fish, shrimp, nudibranchs.

Crab is eating
Crab is eating

Sunset Point: all levels

Located on the south of Gili Trawangan island, within 5 minutes by boat from the dive center. This is a gentle sloping plateau, covered with hard and soft coral, including the famous beautiful blue coral. Many turtles frequent this site for food. Sharks, cuttlefish, sting ray, bat fish, moral eel, napoleons, barracuda and many other species make this one of the most sought dive site in the Gili islands.
At about 18m to 22 m, end of the coral where the sandy area starts and it is possible to find some big reef sharks resting on the sandy bottom and while the young white tip shark sleeping under coral blocks or coral plates.
During the raining season from November to February, sometimes surprise sighting of manta ray or mobulas will make you feel unbelievable lucky.

Cuttlefish scubadiving gili trawangan

Deep Halik: Advanced / Level 2

Situated at the north of Gili Trawangan island, the underwater hills are in parallel to the coast. The hills are covered with corals and sea whips, rich in fish, sting ray and possible reef shark.
The hilltop starts from 25m and slopping down to more than 30m.
Due to the depth of the site, the reef is very well preserved. Often you can spot some white tip reef sharks and enormous green turtle hanging out around the hills.

Pufferfish Takifugu dive indonesia
Pufferfish Takifugu

Deep Turbo: Advanced / Level 2

Dive site is at the northeast of Gili Trawangan island, the sandy bottom is at least 30m with coral hills following one another, their summit is to 20m to 25m.
This site is gorgeous with wide variety of corals and giant gorgonians. On the sand bottom, there are shy garden eels and it is possible to see giant sting rays hiding in the sand and Leopard shark.

Shark Point: all levels

Name of the dive site implies that it is common to come across sharks on this site. It is a coral slope covered with soft and hard corals from 6m to 15m, then, sandy bottom with coral blocks till 18m to 20m, where you will find a plateau of coral parallel to the coast. Beyond the plateau, there is a slope down to 40m or more, with more hills and coral blocks. It is located on the west coast of Gili Trawangan.
Besides sharks, you see particularly numerous green and hawksbill turtles, especially the impressive large green turtles sleeping under the coral reef. Sometimes, school of humphead parrot fish, jacks or bat fish will surround you and become part of their own specie.

Whitetip reef shark swimming on gili islands
Whitetip reef shark swimming

Halik or Coral Fan Garden: all levels

North of Gili Trawangan, a very easy and relaxing site. The reef is shallow, starts from 6m to 15m. Usually, mild drift along the small wall of coral of 2m to 3m, enjoying the rich marine life and sea fan. This dive site is also perfect for snorkeling. Surgeon fish, turtles, shrimps, snappers, damsel fish, anemone fish, fairy basslet, lion fish, scorpion fish, grouper, trigger fish are commonly seen there. Sometimes you can spot octopus, lobster, sea snake and reef shark.

Green turtle on a fan diving on gilis
Green turtle on a fan

If you go deeper beyond 15m, it is sandy area with coral blocks until you reach 25m. There will be hills covered with corals which the deep dive begins. The deep area is named “deep halik” as described above. The underwater hills run parallel to the small wall of coral fan garden.

Bounty Wreck: all levels

School of fish on Bounty wreck
School of fish on Bounty wreck

First of all, Bounty wreck is not a ship wreck. It is a large barge sunk in early 2000s at the southeast of Gili Meno after it was abandoned. The barge sunk upside down, by now, there are some holes on the wreck and it is covered by corals and home to many fishes, you will not be surprised to see scorpion fishes and mantis shrimp there.
Usually we start the dive from north of the wreck where there is a giant fan gorgonian about 2.5 meters wide and 2 meters in height.

Dive sites of Gili islands Giant fan and a diver Gili Trawangan Indonesia
Giant fan and a diver

Alex’s reef or Turtle Heaven: all levels

Sleeping green turtle and divers
Sleeping green turtle and divers

This hidden underwater little hill located at northeast of Gili Meno. The summit is about 8 m deep and the base of the hill is 30 meters deep. On top of the hill or around the hill you find many turtles, big and small resting and swimming. It’s a turtle paradise and you will be amazed by the number of turtles you can see at one time. At the same time, there are so many resident fishes there, it’s like you are swimming in an aquarium with school of fusiliers, jacks, damsel fish, mackerel. You can find a statue of Marlin fish on the hill top and often the turtle uses the statue to clean their back.
Usually, you can see lion fish, octopus, cuttlefish, shrimps, crabs, moray eel and mantis shrimp.

Sometimes, the current can be very strong and it is difficult to swim to the hill. In this case, the diving is done on the slope of Gili Meno.

Ship Wreck – Glenn Nusa II : Advanced / Level 2 + Specialty Wreck to enter

Our newest dive sites, it is was transported from Bali to Gili Trawangan and sunk in March 2016. The tug boat named “Glenn Nusa II” was purchased by pool funding from the diving centers from Gili Islands, including Vila Ombak Divers. It was sunk to create an artificial reef for marine life on a sandy bottom where there are no corals reefs. The wreck is sitting at 30m deep, measuring 18 meters long. Due to the flat sandy bottom, the ship wreck is exposed to strong currents, therefore, may not be accessible when the current is very strong. Diver must at least hold an advanced open water diver certification to explore the wreck.

It is possible to penetrate the wreck with a Wreck Specialty certification. You may enter the wreck in the front cabin and along the entire body of the boat.
A fee of 100 000Rp per diver is applicable for diving at the wreck.

Front of Glenn Nusa wreck Dive sites of Gili islands
Front of Glenn Nusa wreck

Meno Wall – All levels

This dive site is 2 small walls of corals. The walls are located at the north-west of Gili Meno. The first wall is 18 meters deep and the second wall goes down to 24 meters. You will dive along a wall of hanging corals, anemones with clown fishes, school of snappers, sweetlips, sea fans, angel fish, scorpion fish, shrimp, turtles and nudibranchs. Occasionally, an eagle ray or some Humphead Parrotfish will come to meet with you.

Meno Slope – All levels

Meno slope is on the west of Gili Meno after or before Meno wall depending where you start your dive. Like its name, it is a gentle slope starting from 5 meters to 30 meters or more. Sandy slope with corals blocks. Usually both green turtles and hawksbill turtles can be seen easily.
It is common to see some scorpion fish, moray eel, nudibranchs. Sometimes, it’s a surprise to see rhinopias, frog fish, leaf scorpion fish, stone fish or eagle ray.

Mirko Reef – Advanced / Level 2

Mirko reef is located between Gili Meno and Gili Air, on the north-east of Gili Meno. As the site is for advanced divers, the coral reef starts from 25m and slow slope to 30m and more. Same as ‘Deep Halik’ and ‘Deep Turbo’, the reefs are abundance.
During the dive, it’s possible to spot rare nudibranches, group of snapper, sweetlips, surgeon fish, sea fan, sea whip, sting ray and sometimes a crocodile fish or a demon stinger !

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