Diving and security equipment Vila Ombak dive center

Vila Ombak Divers and the entire team are pleased to invite you to discover the underwater world of the Gili Islands. For your comfort, we provide a wide range of diving and snorkeling equipment suitable for all sizes.

Our regulators are being serviced annualy by a professional specialist.

Diving and snorkeling gear

We provide you the equipment for all diving and snorkeling activities on the Gili Islands with us, therefore, you can have more luggage space for souvenirs.
When you sign up a diving or snorkeling activity, our team will assist you with the equipment you need. Thus, we provide you with:

  • Buoyance Control Device (BCD) from size XXS to XL,
  • Shorty Wetsuits from size XXS to XXL,
  • Regulators and Alternate air source (Octopus),
  • Pairs of fins of all sizes, for baby until 47-48,
  • Masks, a wide range of different mask for all types of face, also mask with corrective lenses (correction of minus 2, 3 and 4),
  • 12 liters aluminum tank available in DIN and York,
  • one 15 liters aluminum tank available for rental,
  • Dive computers for rental and courses.
Diving equipment
Diving equipment

For snorkeling:

  • Life jackets for kids and adults,
  • Snorkel,
  • Surface buoys.

All our equipment are serviced regularly and replaced periodically to ensure your maximum safety and comfort.

Personal diving equipment

If you prefer to dive with your own gear, we will make sure that your equipment is in good care.
Your equipment:

  • will be rinsed with fresh water after your dive each day,
  • will be put to dry in order to maximum your comfort on your next dive,

For a more relaxing and pleasant stay, you can leave your equipment with us throughout your diving days so that you don’t have to bring them with you everyday.
Your equipment will be prepared before your arrival for your diving trip.

Emergency Medical Kit

For your safety, we have two “Dan Oxygen Kit” and a bottle of 15 l oxygen at the diving center. One “Dan Oxygen Kit” is placed on the boat with the divers daily.
There is a 24hours clinic “Blue Island Clinic” located in Vila Ombak Hotel, alongside with Vila Ombak Divers.

In case of decompression illness, there is a hyperbaric chamber in Mataram, the capital of Lombok. The transportation to hyperbaric chamber is less than 2 hours from Gili Trawangan.

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