PADI Advanced diver course, gain more diving experience

The PADI Advanced Diver course is a continue education from Open water diver.
This training helps to enhance your diving skills and be more comfortable in the water. You will be under the direct supervision of your Instructor during your training.

This is a fun way to gain more diving experience and upgrade to next level while exploring the underwater world of the Gili islands.

PADI Advanced diver course on Bounty wreck
Diver on Bounty wreck

In fact, there is no minimum number of dives or minimum experience required to begin the PADI Advanced Diver course. It is designed for you to participate right after you got PADI Open Water Diver certification.

Regardless of which diving agency you obtained your certification with, you can still up grade your current certification level with PADI. Of course, it is not mandatory for a PADI Open Water Diver to take the PADI Advanced Diver course.
For example, if you have level 1 CMAS, you can continue your training with PADI Advanced Diver course. Similarly, you can upgrade to the next level with SSI which is another dive organization.

PADI Advanced Diver course in Gili Trawangan

PADI Advanced Diver course is the first step to progress from your PADI Open Water certification. You will discover new diving activities, different experience and training options depending on what adventure dive you want to do. Ultimately, you will develop skills that make diving more fun, versatile and safe.

Advanced Open water Diver with smb
Diver with smb

To complete a PADI Advanced Diver course, you have to do five Adventures dives including:

  • Deep diving (qualify you to dive to a maximum depth of 30m),
  • Underwater Navigation,
  • The additional three adventure dives will depend on what adventure dives you choose to do.

Vila Ombak Divers offers the following list of adventure dive – AWARE-Fish Identification, Drift Diving, Night Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search and Recovery, Digital Underwater Imaging Adventure Dive, Wreck diving and you can add Nitrox as part of your PADI Advanced Diver certification too.

In a PADI Advanced Diver course, you will learn:

  • the practical aspects and physiological effects of deep diving.
  • learn how to navigate underwater with and without a compass, ways to estimate a distance and the proper use of compass.
  • manage your dive profile with a dive computer,
  • how to do buoyancy check and fine tuning your buoyancy,
  • and many more skills depending on what adventure dives you choose to do.

If you wish to dive beyond 30m up to 40m, PADI’s Deep Diver Specialty is the course that you may consider to do next.

Theory aspect of PADI Advanced Diver course

The theoretical part of PADI Advanced Diver course is more simple and less intense than the PADI Open Water course.
You have to read five chapters related to the adventure dives that you have chosen and answer the respective knowledge review questions. Your instructor will go through the answers with you, helps you if there is any problem and relates the theory to your adventure dive training.
These have to be done before each corresponding adventure dive.

Another option that you can choose to complete your theory is through PADI e-learning.

Duration of PADI Advanced Diver course in Gili Trawangan

The PADI Advanced Diver course consists of five adventure dives.
Vila Ombak Divers offers three diving trips each day. Therefore, you can get your PADI Advanced Diver certification within two days. The diving schedule can be a day with three dives and another day with two dives or vice versa.

Nevertheless, you can choose to progress at a less intense pace with a two dives a day or one dive a day depending on how long you stay in Gili Trawangan and your flight schedule.

Credit toward the PADI Specialties!

Each PADI Adventure Dive course can be credited as the first dive of the corresponding PADI’s Specialty diver course.
For example, your Deep diving adventure qualify you to dive up to 30m. That will be counted as first dive out of the four dives towards the Deep Diver specialty. With deep diver specialty, you can dive up to 40m deep.

Sabirin on the boat - PADI Advanced diver course

Diver Prerequisites for PADI Advanced Diver course

  • Certified as PADI Open Water Diver (Certification from other dive organizations are acceptable),
  • Diver age 15 or older (Diver age 12 to 14 may earn a Junior Advanced Open water diver certification but limited to maximum 21 meters).
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