Rates for diving and snorkeling activities in Gili Trawangan

Diving Rates in Gili Trawangan

Our diving rates are listed in tables:

  •  Certified divers,
  •  Beginners who want to try diving through an introduction dive,
  •  PADI Courses,
  • Private dives,
  • Other activities related to diving.

Diving prices and discounts are set by the Gili Islands Diving Association (GIDA) in Gili Trawangan.

The dive centers that are members of GIDA are committed to:

  • help each other if needed,
  • establish and follow a structured emergency and rescue plan,
  • adherence to additional local safety diving rules (controlled number of boats per site, mandatory usage of DSMB at the end of each dive …),
  • follow other related safety rules (oxygen on board …),
  • apply common tarif,
  • collection of RP50 000 Rp ecological participation per diver which is valid for a year.

There are a few diving centers who are not GIDA members on the island. They are not required to follow the prices and safety rules set up by the GIDA.

Price of recreational dives for certified divers

ActivityPrice in rupiah
Fun dive490 000
Night dive640 000
Fun dive with a private guide990 000

Discounts for certified divers:

  • -10%:
    • if you have your own complete equipment (mask, fins, BCD, regulators and wetsuit)
    • for any online reservation with a deposit payment
    • for each diver doing at least 3 dives
  • -15%:
    • for each diver doing 5 dives or more
  •  -20%:
    • any combination of the above if you meet the requirements
  • -25%:
    • if you meet all the conditions required listed above

Introduction dives – Discover Scuba Diving

ActivityPrice in Rupiah
Introduction dive900 000
Private introduction dive1 800 000
Extra intro dive600 000
Extra guide for camera600 000

Discounts for DSD:

-10%: if you are 4 and / or if you book online in advance with a deposit payment.

DSD and using a camera (GoPro …) :

For safety reasons and preservation of aquatic life : The local diving rule prohibit dive instructors and customers to have a camera during the DSD dive and the 3 first dives of the Open Water course.

Of course, you can still get photos and videos of this unforgettable moment by hiring your personal photographer.

Diving courses

CoursePrice in Rupiah
Scuba Diver3 900 000
Scuba Diver update to Open Water3 400 000
Open Water5 500 000
e Learning Open Water4 900 000
Advanced4 500 000
eLearning Advanced3 900 000
Rescue Diver5 500 000
eLearning Rescue Diver5 000 000
Rescue Diver-EFR
7 000 000
eLearning Rescue Diver-EFR6 500 000
Divemaster14 000 000

Discounts for courses:


  • if you are 4 and / or if you book online in advance with a deposit payment.
  • for divemaster course, if you have your own complete equipment (includes dive computer).

If you choose to do your course via e-Learning, you can do so by paying directly to PADI.

Private dives

ActivityPrice in Rupiah
Fun dive with a private guide990 000
Diving boat rental half-day2 000 000
Diving boat rental full day3 500 000

Cost of boat rental and dives are separate. You have to pay also the regular diving rates.


  • -10%:
    • if you have booked in advance with a deposit payment.
  • Free for private boat:
    • maximum 4 people who don’t dive (they can do snorkeling)

Other diving activities

ActivityPrice in Rupiah
Refresh900 000
Adventure dive990 000
Pool trying450 000
Pool session of Scuba Diver or Open Water courses900 000
Individual Open water course dive900 000
EFR2 200 000



  • for 4 divers or if you have booked in advance with a deposit payment.
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