Introduction dive, your first diving experience

Introduction dive allows you to discover scuba diving and experience the tranquility of underwater world.

Introduction dive with a green turtle
Introduction dive with a green turtle

Introduction dive is a perfect for you to try and discover if scuba diving will be your new hobby, at the end of the dive, you are not a certified diver. After your first diving experience, and you are loving it, you can continue with a PADI course to become a certified diver. With a PADI certification, you can dive all around the world.

Remember, introduction dive is not a certification, if you do not possess a diving certificate, you are required to do the skills training again before a dive if you will dive again in the future. Nevertheless, with the trainings and first experience, you will be more prepared and confident for your next dive or following a course in the future.

Introduction Dive on Gili Trawangan

Divers discover a green sea turtle
Divers discover a green sea turtle

With Vila Ombak Divers, introduction dive comes in 3 phases:

  • First, your PADI instructor will explain about rules on diving and the usage of diving equipment and the basic skills training
  • Followed by a pool session for practicing some diving skills and be familiar with the diving equipment.
  • Lastly, you will join the boat for a dive in the sea (maximum depth of 12 meters).

Your instruction will take care of you from the beginning to the end of the dive.
The total duration is a half-day or about 4 hours.
How long you can spend underwater depends on you, especially, on your air consumption. Usually, for beginner, the average bottom time is around 40 minutes, or may lasts up to maximum 55 minutes.

Introduction Dive – Daily Schedule

Our diving center offers two sessions per day:

  • Morning session : Starts at 8.30 am, ends around 12 pm (except on Friday morning)
  • Afternoon session : Starts at 12:30pm, ends around 4pm.

Introduction Dive – Contents

For your introduction dive, you will learn and practice some basic diving skills under the supervision of a PADI professional. The introduction dive will begin with a briefing to explain the rules and safety of diving, the purpose and usage of diving equipment and some basic diving skills that you will learn and practice in the swimming pool.

During your pool session, you will:

  • discover the sensation of taking your first breathe underwater,
  • getting familiar with your diving equipment,
  • get comfortable in the water,
  • learn and practice some basic diving skills with your PADI instructor.

When you are ready, you join the boat for a dive in the open sea.
Before your dive, your instructor will explain to you how you enter and exit from the water and helps you with the equipment.
In the water, your instructor will help you with your buoyancy and ensure your safety during your underwater excursion.

Of course, your instructor will show you the vast of marine life under the water (corals, tropical fishes, octopus, turtles or maybe even a shark).
Upon completion of the introduction dive, you are not a certified diver. If you wish to take the next step to become a certified diver, you can continue with a PADI Scuba Diver Course or PADI Open Water Diver Course.

Introduction dive towards a diving qualification

This first diving experience can be your first step towards a certification. In fact, it is a trail dive to help you to determine if diving is for you. As mentioned earlier, you can continue with a PADI pre-entry or entry level qualification if you are in love with diving.

If you prefer to enjoy your holidays without the stress of making a course and you still want to do more dives after that, that is possible, no pool session required if you continue to do additional dives with us.

Introduction dive with turtle
Introduction dive with turtle

Prerequisite – Introduction Dive

To do this first diving experience, diver must be 10 years old.

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